Dell studio 1735 battery

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Dell Studio 1735 Laptop Battery | 9 cells 6600mAh extended Replacement Dell Studio 1735 Notebook battery

Status : Brand New
Warranty : 12 months

Laptop/Battery Dell Studio 1735
Capacity 6600mAh 9 cells
Volt 11.1v
Color Black
Size 300.25*49.40*37.70mm
Weight 1.1lb/516.5g

100% compatible.

Discount quality battery,Made of 9 safe & powerful cells

Latest rechargeable technology give your laptop new life

Always 30-day money back

12-month warranty!

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4400mAh Dell Studio 1735 Battery - Cheap High Capacity Dell Studio 1735 replacement Battery

Status : Brand New
Warranty : Full One Year

Laptop/Battery Dell Studio 1735
Capacity 4400mAh 6 cells
Volt 11.1v
Color Black
Size 210.25*49.40*37.70mm
Weight 0.83lb/377.5g

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